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Walk through the fortress

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Discover the town on foot

Admire the historic buildings with their lovely gables and view Brielle from the town walls. Put on your hiking shoes and go bird-watching at the Holle Mare or go for a challenging hike along the Brielse Meer. In short: more than enough possibilities for every type of walker.

Walk through the fortress

The historic town centre appeals to the imagination and a walk through it can be combined well with a visit to a museum, a bit of shopping and of course a break to rest and eat or drink something at one of the great restaurants or bars. 

Surrounding area

Not only the town centre but also the surrounding area is ideal for exploring. In the polder (reclaimed land) at Zwartewaal, there's a small nature reserve called the Holle Mare that's well-known with bird watchers. The creek and grasslands are home to geese and gadwall and in the winter, you'll see the Eurasian widgeon. In the reed beds, you can spot the reed bunting, the shy bittern and the brown harrier so take your binoculars with you! 

You can take a refreshing walk along both shores of the Brielse Meer in every season. There are various bars and restaurants for a culinary or sanitary break. 

The themed hiking routes across Voorne-Putten are also recommended, such as the Boten en Bakens (Boats and Beacons) route that starts in Brielle. And there are more themes, all of different walking distances. View them all at https://www.opvoorneputten.nl/wandelroutes.

Walk through the fortress