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Catharijnekerk Catharijnekerk

De Brielse Dom

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The Sint-Catherijnekerk, also known as the 'Brielse Dom', is the ultimate eye-catcher in Brielle. No matter from which direction you approach Brielle, you'll see it from a distance. 

Construction started in the 13th century on what was intended to be the largest church in the Netherlands. However a big fire and funds running out put an end to its completion. 

The Catherijnekerk also suffered damage during the Eighty Years' War (the Dutch War of Independence). During and after the liberation in 1572, the Sea Beggars stole or destroyed the sculptures and altars. Three years later, on 12 June, William of Orange married his third wife, Charlotte de Bourbon, in the church. The wedding is commemorated by a stained glass window known as the Orange window.

The church is open to visitors daily from Monday through Saturday from April through October and in July and August, on Sundays too. The columns, tombstones and monuments are impressive, as are the four stained glass windows. The tower is 57 metres high and you can climb up it.

You'll find more information at www.catharijnekerk.nl.