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Out and about with the town guide

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Walking tour with a genuine Brielle town guide

The history of Brielle is known not only from history books - you'll find it simply in the streets. A guide will take you through the old streets with historic houses, many of which go back hundreds of years. You'll see gables and pass the Provoost, imagining yourself to be in a completely different era. In addition to the town centre, why not visit the Brielle fortifications and be amazed by the well-preserved bastions, canons, the greenery and the beautiful views. A walking tour with the town guide lasts between an hour and an hour and a half. 

You can book the tour at https://www.gidsengroepbrielle.nl/ where you will also find more information about departure times and locations. All the guides are volunteers, born and bred in Brielle and with a passion for their town. They're the best source of the most interesting facts and anecdotes!