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Visit the most beautiful places

In Brielle, you can experience culture and history in a beautiful historic setting. Outside the town, you can enjoy nature and taking part in sports and water sports. These are hotspots you mustn't miss!

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Museums #1

Museums - dive into history

Brielle is a small town with a rich historic past, much of which is still visible. And in the museums, you can find out even more about this interesting town's illustrious past.

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De Brielse Dom #2


This is the largest church in Brielle and the surrounding area. It survived the Iconoclasm and a big fire and was the location for the wedding of William of Orange. Climb up into the tower too and take in the view!

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About Brielle's ramparts #3


Take a walk across and along Brielle's fortifications. The ramparts, gates and bridges that protected Brielle are some of the best-preserved fortifications in the Netherlands.

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The historical Asylplein #4

The historical Asylplein

This square is filled with monuments commemorating the history of Brielle as Eersteling der Vrijheid (first to be liberated). Admire the rose garden, the statue of the Sea Nymph and the listed building of the former seamen's mission.

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The historic harbour #5


Brielle's historic harbour, on the Maarland, is located in a setting of centuries-old warehouses.

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Fishing through the ages #6

Zwartewaal harbour

The history of the fishing industry comes to life in Zwartewaal.

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The Martyrs of Gorcum #7

Bedevaartkerk (Pilgrimage Church)

Brielle is the best-known pilgrimage site in the province of Zuid-Holland. The Pilgrimage Church is situated on the spot where nineteen Roman Catholics were hanged and it is still visited by pilgrims today.

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Water sports and recreation #8

Brielse Meer

Brielse Meer is a lovely nature reserve that offers countless possibilities for recreation on land and in the water. What will you choose? Fishing, diving, sunbathing or surfing?

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