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Alpaca walking tour

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Walking tour of the town, with alpacas

Alpaca World Brielle is an alpaca breeding farm from which you can take a guided walking tour through the town with alpacas. Who wouldn't want to do that? 

At Alpaca World, you will be met with the alpacas and given brief instructions before setting off with one of these friendly animals. Two people walk with each alpaca, so that you can take turns leading the animal. The route will take you past such attractions as the gate that was conquered by the Sea Beggars on 1 April 1572, when they liberated Brielle from the Spanish. And naturally, there is plenty of time to ask everything you ever wanted to know about alpacas, for photo sessions and a cup of coffee with traditional Brielle shortbread tart (zandtaartje). The walking tour lasts around two hours in total. And if your alpaca needs have not been fulfilled by then, you can go mad in the alpaca shop afterwards, where you'll find slippers, clothing, cuddly toys and a number of gift items. 

For more information about the walking tour or for other packages, please go to https://alpaca-world-brielle.nl/